Viivi Lindblom

What kind of a Life Coach am I?

I am a sensitive empath with a big heart and surprising moxie.
From an early age, I have seen the hidden potential of my loved ones and with great love I always try to help it blossom. I could say that my passion is to hear about the passions of others. I love seeing a person come to life when they talk about them!


Although, on one part, I live a strongly intuitive life of an artist's soul, I also love the "order" side of life: being systematic, organizing things and finding efficient tools to bring clarity to the mind and everyday life. I adore calendars, journalism and minimalism/essentialism.

I believe that, in every moment of our lives, we have the resources we need to take the next step on our journey towards our goals. Often they just aren't as clear to us as we would like, so it is good to have a person you trust, with whom you can dig the inner treasures out of you. In my work, I utilize both a more spiritual belief-focused mindset and a more practical tool-oriented approach, adapting them based on your needs and personality.

For me, it is vital that an environment of trust is formed between us. When you talk with me, you will feel safe and completely accepted. I am perceptive and intuitive, and (with your permission) I'll use what I sense about you in the meeting. It helps me understand when and where to push and when to ease up, so we can dig deep and uncover the roots and keys to your genuine feelings, desires, blocks and arising transformation.

In my personal life, I am a passionate self-developer and a healing ex-perfectionist/overthinker. I design and illustrate my own planner products and household objects to bring a little happiness to our everyday life. I enjoy sitting in the sun with a cup of tea and a notebook and relaxing in the middle of nature, in peace and quiet

    My education:

  • NLP Practioner (2019)

  • LTI Solution-Focused Coach (2020-)

  • Love & Authenticity Practitioner (2020)

  • NLP Master Practitioner (2021)