When I decided to let myself break up  to pieces so I could  start to raise myself again,  body as if two  reality  in the world.  Body  life  as my identity

in principle  conscious, happy, bright, gentle, loving self who believes  even impossible. At the same time, alongside it, passed another reality, with an inner one  my light could not shine. In reality, I was small and weak, below the others, unable to make wise decisions for myself.


This world of harmful beliefs was torn apart  my psyche: en  could not understand in any way  how can i know i am  strong and capable  anywhere and at the same time experience that I can’t do anything. The only option was to step on the fire test  and see what 's left when  the flames of change burn everything unreal  as they go.

  • 26v. child in a woman's body

  • Entrepreneur, but not  realized I was  your boss  or even an employee!

  • No contact with my body  or  to my emotions, my perspective basically dissociated

  • Background factors of my state of mind  and the colorers of my inner speech were  usually shame, pushing, frustration and / or overwhelm

  • Dissatisfied with my own performance, shame for not doing it

  • Often stuck in survival  in a pit of survival where all doing or even communicating feels overwhelming

  • Knowledge of what and where I would like to be "big" as well as faith in achieving it, but no knowledge of how to transcend the present and future gap  crack

  • Cash flow inward very irregular, the skill of receiving lost

(Coming soon) Read more about the beliefs I violated and the patterns of behavior I broke up.