Who am I and what is Lumerina?



  • NLP Practioner (2019)

  • LTI Solution Focused Coach (2020)

  • Love & Authenticity Practitioner (2020)

Hello there, fellow traveler! 🙋🏻‍♀️💕


I'm Viivi, a bright and bubbly little miss from Turku Finland, the founder of Lumerina and the mother of the first Facebook-group for Finnish planner addicts, Planner Lovers Finland. In November 2018 I turned a quarter of a century old and to celebrate this wonderful milestone I decided to change my life forever. I put on my big girl pants and started my company. I began to fulfill my dream and its true form is constantly unfolding as I gain more courage, confidence and determination.


The first step of my dream is now here! I've dreamed of opening a sticker store ever since I found the amazing world of planners in 2015. Now I own a little shop and I sell stickers, planners and other paper goods that I've designed myself.

Unelmani ensimmäinen vaihe on nyt tässä! However, I've always known that Lumerina is supposed to be much more than just a sticker store and my goal for this year is to develop my company closer to its "true" form.

Lumerina's core purpose is to be a beacon of light in the dark, a sort of lighthouse to mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. My intention is to simply spread joy and comfort with my products but also help people find their light, strengthen their belief in the "impossible" (especially in regards to their own perceived value and capability) and provide a safe environment to be and explore the wonderful people we are. ♥️ It often is scary to even glance at our dreams so Lumerina's first objective was to create a channel with which to offer support for the first small steps towards one's dream life – like prioritizing one's wellbeing. My next project is to develop a way to offer encouragement and support to take the next, more concrete steps in that journey. I want to help with realizing and defining the dreams we have, unveil the fears and limiting beliefs stopping us so they can be overcome, and find the inner strength and courage that hides within all of us! Most of all I want to help you to see You. The beautiful and strong core inside of you that can't wait to finally be seen.  💎✨

Lumerina, this wonderful little pumpking of mine, is my dream. 💖 The birthing and raising of this company has already taught me so much about life, myself and my capability: the most important lesson being that I CAN. Now I want so show you that You can. 


Glowing with love,

Viivi Lindblom 💖✨


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