Answers in Your words

I see you.

It’s rough to be lost in your own life. Stuck on the roller coaster of feeling motivated and determined, frustrated and desperate, enthusiastic and optimistic, just exhausted. Tired of trying. Constantly overwhelmed.

I know how hard it is to chase happiness. Yearn for
more balance, wish for more energy, time, money. Buy endless books, planners, courses, cards, read articles ... Be frustrated with the constant pushing. So disappointed in yourself. Feel disgusted and ashamed by the sticky feeling of dissatisfaction.

I hear you. I know you. You're safe.

Life Coaching is for someone who's ready for change.
Life Design rebuilds you and your life.

Take a step towards the life and peace of mind you want.
You are no longer alone.




YOU HAVE YOUR OWN ANSWERS. I help you find those that are better hidden.


YOU WILL EXPERIENCE SAFETY AND APPROVAL. We do not judge. There is no need for it.


  • Our feelings may be uncomfortable, but each of them carries a gift. They are messages and resources.

  • Different parts of you may try to block your progress, but it is our job to understand them and get them on the journey. They have the answer and the wisdom to overcome obstacles.

  • We always act in the best way we can. Everything "negative" has a positive hidden purpose.


WE COLLECT RESOURCES AND CLUES ABOUT YOUR DIRECTION. We pay attention to what works, what builds you up.


THE RESULT OF THIS WORK IS INCREASED IN SELF-CONFIDENCE AND WELL-BEING. As we heal, our energy rises naturally. At the same time, we begin to see the hidden possibilities.


WE TAKE OUR OWN PACE. Change can be more rewarding than anything else. The journey can be heavy and challenging at times, but with the right company, at the right pace, it can feel easy, even comfortable.

“Now is this entrepreneur's time to thank and praise. I’ve been able to be part of a new coach’s learning path, and I already received great coaching as a training client. Viivi's sensitive ears hear the essential from the seemingly unimportant as well. With appreciative questions, I was able to explore the world of my own thinking safely. I found the limiting beliefs that make my choices, and find alternatives to them. I recommend! "

- Female, 42